CELINE ANGELE passionate of Theater, she was trained in Dramatic
Arts and works with several companies in Paris for ten years.
Twice french judo champion and conscious of the importance of the
body for the actor, she searches for a "total" theater.
Celine practices a "theater of extremes" where she explores the
sublime and the monstrous through the universe of varied works
from Racine to Hugo, from Novarina to Genet, from Artaud to Kane.
A body at once dense and sensitive leads her to meet Butoh
experience. She integrates Yumi Fujitani's Trois Garances group in
2004 and dances three years in her creation KAO-Chaos, shown
in particular in Théâtre du Lierre (Paris) in Rencontres
Chorégraphiques – Japon 2006. She meets and practices with
many butohkas, she dances for various companies and also
performs in Festival d'Avignon 2005, where she meets Jean Daniel
Fricker. She follows his workshops, assists his performances,
integrates his company in 2007, and dances under his direction
in Prieres (2008), a group performance of 6 weeks and 4 nights,
in Hampi, India and participates in the performances
Cambodian Ghost Stories (2009) in Angkor temples and surroundings
in Aus den Sieben Leuten in Austria (2010)
and in group performances Femme(s) and Solitudes in 2012 
and La Femme inconnue and Solitudes in 2013,
and ombres internes in 2014.
He directed her solos Dans le Cœur d’une Rose
(2007), La Femme Ailee (2009, new creation 2011),
Lumiere Noire (2012-2013) and je ne danse pas j'offre mes os (2017)
In 2016, Jean Daniel and Celine present Diptyque avec une ombre at 17th Butoh Festival in Paris.
Now she is following her research with him and support his solo process  ] chambre intérieure [ . Moreover, Celine and Jean Daniel often give workshops and dance through the seasons since 2012 in Foret de Fontainebleau.
During summer 2017, they begin a new life with the birth of  l'entre lieu , their space of practice, research, performances and workshops, located in the heart of the medieval historic center of the village of Larchant, on the edge of the Forest of Fontainebleau.


26th of November 2017:
je ne danse pas j'offre mes os
Performance Solo: Céline Angèle

Improvisation based on a proposition of Jean Daniel Fricker
Festival Internacional de Solos FIS 2017, Portugal
Contact: fis.pt

From 11th to 15th of December 2017:
Juggling and Dance Experience Workshop
with Jean Daniel Fricker & Celine Angele
for the students of Centre Regional des Arts du Cirque de Lomme, France

19th, 20th and 21st of January 2018:

Workshop Dance & Existence / BUTOH
with Jean Daniel Fricker & Celine Angele
3 days in St-Cergue, Switzerland

Contact Joseph Viatte: josephviatte(at)yahoo.com

From 19th to 23rd of March 2018

Workshop Dance and Existence / BUTOH

with Jean Daniel Fricker and Céline Angèle

5 days in Forêt de Fontainebleau
l'entre lieu, Larchant, 1h from Paris, France

Contact Celine Angele: celineangele@gmail.com